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Psychobabble, Inc. was founded in 2015 in Portland, Oregon, with a vision to transform talent assessment with new technologies and new thinking. We believe assessments can be more fair, more predictive, and a lot more engaging than the same old multiple-choice tests we’ve been using for literally 100+ years!

Psychobabble combines Natural Language Processing and Psychometrics with the science of work (I-O Psychology) to develop pre-employment assessments that predict performance and commitment while delivering an unprecedented candidate experience to support employer brand and talent attraction.

Let’s talk about how Psychobabble can help you improve candidate experience AND hiring quality and diversity!

Email:   info@Psychobabble.com

What we do

Psychobabble provides off-the-shelf mobile-ready assessments of motivation and fit — Connections — along with custom assessments powered by our industry-first Voice Response and Natural Language Scoring technologies. Psychobabble can help you improve Recruiting, Hiring, and Talent Assessment with:

  • Connections — Assess intrinsic motivation and candidate Fit to your Jobs, Culture, and Mission
  • Custom Competency Assessments — Voice Response Situational Judgment assessments
  • Custom Expertise Assessments — Voice Response technical screening interviews
  • Custom Job Simulations — Day-in-the-life narrative multimedia assessments
  • Personnel Selection Consulting Services — Design and development of valid, defensible hiring systems
  • Executive Advisory Services — 50+ years experience, expertise in assessment strategy, technology, ROI, and litigation support

Meet the team

Ken Lahti

Dr. Ken Lahti

CEO & Founder

Ken has led innovation in the field of talent assessment for over 15 years. Ken was previously VP of Product Development and Innovation at SHL.

Craig Russell

Prof. Craig Russell


Craig works with Psychobabble to develop talent assessment scoring based on Psychometric Natural Language Processing. Craig is a professor at the Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma, with expertise in applied statistics, performance prediction, and empirical scoring key development.