Is your talent assessment driving away good people?

Attract & hire motivated, skilled, & diverse talent

Is your candidate experience driving away hard-to-attract Top Talent before you even talk to them?  Employers use talent assessment to make better hires, because the science works. But old-fashioned Personality Tests, Aptitude Tests, and Cognitive Ability Tests have a fatal flaw — nobody likes taking tests!


Psychobabble develops mobile-optimized multimedia talent assessments with voice response technology to help you:

Hire for Motivation

Improve Candidate Experience

Improve Inclusion and Diversity

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Passion & Fit

You can’t motivate people…but you can hire people who will be motivated and engaged by finding Connections between their interests, work-styles, and values and the What, How, and Why of work at your organization.


Candidates want to showcase their unique talents. They want to find interesting and meaningful work. And they want a frictionless recruiting experience that informs them about your hiring process, your organization, and your EVP.

Inclusion &

Mobile talent assessment is now essential for reaching all Top Talent. Accessibility features and voice response technology help bring hidden talent forward. Next-gen assessments are designed to reduce adverse impact.

Because life isn’t multiple choice

Psychobabble talent assessment

Employers rely on Psychobabble for next-generation Talent Assessment powered by industry-first voice response and natural language scoring technology. Our scientists design predictive assessments according to professional best practices and recommend their use in accordance with international standards and applicable employment laws. Psychobabble designs valid and defensible multimedia assessments and work simulations for use in hiring. Psychobabble works to end adverse impact in talent assessment through design of innovative alternative assessments and advocacy for better practice.

Psychobabble offers off-the-shelf and custom multimedia talent assessments through our online SaaS platform, seamlessly integrated into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or career page. Psychobabble Connections is designed to measure Motivation and predict engaged performance by assessing candidates’ interests, work-styles, and values and their match to your unique jobs, culture, and mission. We also build custom simulations, competency assessments, and technical interviews powered by Psychobabble voice response and natural language scoring technology.

  • Motivation. Engagement. Passion. Purpose.

    Hire for Motivation with with Psychobabble Connections – customizable Job-fit, Culture-fit, and Mission-fit assessments.

  • Competencies. Skills. Judgment. Expertise.

    See how candidates really perform with voice response assessments including Situational Judgment and Structured Interviews.

  • Simulations

    Assess candidates in interactive multimedia Work Samples and “day in the life” narrative job-based Simulations.

  • Executive advisory services

    Tap into Psychobabble’s expertise and 50+ years experience for advice on assessment strategy, technology, ROI, and litigation support.


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